Brazil threatens to become an immense Manaus – 01/30/2021 – Marcelo Leite

We’re in trouble. There is no doubt that data show that we have the worst-performing government when confronted with Covid. However, we all know that facts, figures, truthfulness and stability are no longer worth anything in this country.

If they did that, Jair Bolsonaro would not go unpunished, lying left and right over the “Gripezinha” that killed more than 220,000 in Brazil and 2.2 million in the world. The doctor (!) And the deputy Osmar Terra (MDB-RS), who had predicted 800 deaths from Covid, would be accused or banned from class because of little shame.

It only remains for the bleak Enlightenment to repeat the evidence. There is no way to forego the hope that the repetition will open rifts in the monument of insolence on the plateau, which is still underpinned by the opportunism of venal parliamentarians and immoral businessmen.

The Lowy Institute of Australia ranked Brazil 98th and last in the ranking of the effectiveness of measures to combat the new coronavirus epidemic, based on information from the Our World in Data survey. Not without reason.

Nor would it be necessary to go to data collection to find that we have 10% of the world’s deaths, a proportion that comes from numerical coincidence (220 thousand / 2.2 million) three paragraphs ago. We only house 2.7% of the world’s population, it never hurts to repeat it.

Population Weighted Deaths Continuation: Brazil is not yet leading this championship of ongoing deaths. With 1,042 victims per million inhabitants, it is better positioned than several developed countries such as the United Kingdom (1,522), Italy (1,445) and the USA (1,308).

It won’t be a surprise if we run over them before the pandemic’s final whistle (if any). In the United States, the number of new cases is already falling sharply, and the number of deaths will soon decline there too.

In Brazil, the registered cases are accelerating. They make up 8.9% of the world’s population, less than the fatal victims. One of two: Either our mortality is above the average for all nations, or we do not identify all patients with Covid. Or worse, both.

Just as we have never conducted a lockdown or adequate social distancing, or tracked and isolated infected people, we have never tested enough to keep out the spectrum of underreporting. Our score is 110 tests per thousand population, up from 978 in the UK, 857 in the US and 518 in Italy.

The federal government, led by Bolsonaro, relied on the quacks of the “early treatment” with chloroquine and Quejandos until the governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), put a stingray tail on him with Coronavac. Now the president has declared himself a shameless friend of Zé Gotinha since childhood.

The pace of immunization under such an order is a bad joke that suits your preference of what to do with condensed milk. In two weeks we could barely vaccinate 1% of the population. For comparison: Israel 53%, United Kingdom 12%, USA 8%, Italy 3%.

On Friday (29) Janssen announced a single-dose vaccine and standard refrigeration (2 ° C to 8 ° C) with 66% effectiveness in preventing moderate and severe cases in Latin America and 72% in the US. The pharmaceutical company plans to produce 1 billion doses a year and has already reached agreements to ship 1.25 billion units – none to Brazil so far.

We don’t even have a vaccine for half of Brazilians. You who voted for Bolsonaro still support him and think the impeachment is out of time. They know who is responsible for the risk that the country will become an immense manaus.

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