In letter to US Secretary of State Ernesto Araújo, countries have common interests – 28/01/2021 – World

Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo on Thursday (28) sent a letter to the new United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken in another signal that he wants to open a path for dialogue with Joe Biden’s government .

Itamaraty did not publish the message. But, according to two sources who had access to the letter, the text highlights the agenda and the common interests between the two countries in areas such as economic, commercial and environmental.

The content of the press release is consistent with what Ernesto had already declared last Thursday (21), live alongside President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party), affirmed that Brazil and the USA have everything to have “good relations”.

At the time, the minister said that we “have a lot in common with the United States”. He cited interests for security, democracy and the maintenance of economic agreements.

“Work together on the environment. Why not? We have now signed an environmental cooperation memorandum in November, which we hope to maintain,” the Chancellor said. On the environmental issue, the minister said that Brazil is under attack because of “distortions which unfortunately come out of a large part of the media”.

After Bolsonaro and his ideological and family nucleus openly campaigned for former President Donald Trump, Brazil attempted to draw closer to the Democratic administration.

Bolsonaro was one of the last heads of state to recognize Biden’s election victory and has come, more than once, to address the US president aggressively.

On January 20, the Democrat’s inauguration day, the Brazilian government exchanged the usual phone call to greet the new US president with a long letter sent to the White House.

This Thursday in Washington, Biden laughed after being invited to speak to Bolsonaro. Eight days after taking the reins of the White House, the Democrat has already spoken directly to at least seven heads of state, but there are still no plans for the Brazilian’s turn.

In a press conference Thursday, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Brazil would play a key role in the climate talks, although it has already shown that the country – or the phone call with Bolsonaro – wouldn’t be Biden’s attention on this first moment.

Under pressure due to the difficulties of negotiations with China and India to bring inputs and vaccines against Covid-19 to Brazil, Ernesto Araújo had suffered heavy bombardments inside and outside the government.

Latest follower of the ideologue Olavo de Carvalho at the first echelon of the Bolsonaro administration, Ernesto even entered the list of possible ministers to change as part of the ministerial reform planned after the elections of the new presidents of the House and the Senate. .

On Wednesday (27), Vice President Hamilton Mourão (PRTB) signaled that the Chancellor could be changed.

On Thursday, Bolsonaro reacted to his deputy’s statement. The president said it was up to him to choose and fire ministers, called his deputy a hunchback and said anyone who wanted to choose members of the top echelon of government had to run in the next presidential election.

“What we least need are informants to train my ministry. I make it very clear that the 23 ministers choose me and no one else. End. If someone wants to choose a minister, apply in 2022 and good luck in 23, ”he said.

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