‘GameStop Saga’ leaves WSJ behind and takes place online – 01/28/2021 – Nelson de Sá

The Wall Street Journal seemed relieved, when it headlined earlier in the evening that “GameStop shares fall after online brokers restrict trading.”

It is the chain of video game stores that exploded, from a forum of activist investors on the Reddit platform, initiating a global movement.

Outside of the Wall Street Journal, on other financial sites, but especially on Twitter, the news was different.

Members of Congress like Democrat Rashida Tlaib have criticized the power of brokers to veto client transactions – which was meant to punish hedge fund shares with distressed companies.

In the iconic case of Robinhood, half of the customers would have applied to GameStop.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, tweeting that “this is unacceptable,” proposed a hearing to address the brokerage firms on the finance committee, of which she is a member. Tesla’s Elon Musk argued, “Absolutely,” also via Twitter.

Then AOC tried to “live” on Twitch (above) about the case. And Business Insider pointed out how the “GameStop saga” could “bring down long-standing practices on Wall Street.”


The Politico and Atlantic Council sites published an essay signed by “Anonymous”, supposedly “former senior government official”, proposing “a complete” reboot “of the strategy” in relation to Beijing.

In short, he defends as a priority “the replacement of Xi Jinping, taking advantage of the divisions within the Chinese Communist Party”, and admits that the United States is working with the party as in the past, under other directions.


In the headline Beijing’s Caixin, “Biden Reverses Trump’s Legacy, But Chinese Companies Still Shunned.” He says that “the sanctions remain firm as the new government decides how to ‘rebalance’ the relationship.”


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported on a meeting between AstraZeneca and the European Union, in which the British pharmaceutical president sought to “defuse the confrontation” – after an aggressive interview he gave to Italian La Repubblica.

He said the reduction in vaccines to the EU will be less than he had threatened and promised to publish on Friday (29) the contents of contracts with the UK, which are believed to be promoting.


Johns Hopkins University Covid case and death tables are starting to be shared, including in Brazil, by the University of Oxford vaccination charts (above), also updated daily.

The new race, this Thursday (28th), was led by the United States and China, both far ahead, Mexico being the first Latin American, 11th.

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