Value and Supply Side Analysis of Key Players of Global Fertilizer Additives Market | KAO Chemicals, Novochem Group, Solvay and Tolsa Group., etc.

The fertilizer additives refer to materials that are included along with fertilizers to the prevent loss of essential nutrients including nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. The additives added to fertilizers in order to improve the quality of soil and fertilizer to derive better farm yield are known as fertilizer additives. The fertilizer additives are specially designed for prevention of foaming, dedusting, moisture, and caking of fertilizers. The additives help to stimulate the productivity of fertilizers, avoid loss of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and sulfur, and prevent corrosion of the container used for transportation. They also provide anti-foaming and anti-caking characteristics to the fertilizer.

The growing demand for fertilizers, is the key factor driving the demand for fertilizer additives market. In addition, the growing need for primary nutrients and high quality of fertilizers leads to a surge in demand for increasing agricultural yields, thus driving the demand for fertilizer additives market. The increase in popularity of nitrogen fertilizers rises the demand for fertilizer additives market. The soaring demand for fertilizers and rising fertilizer prices is expected to play a major role in driving the growth of target market over the forecast period. Further, decrease in the arable land, adoption of new technologies in production of fertilizers, and the increase in willingness of farmers to invest for higher productivity, augments the demand for fertilizer additives market. In addition, harmful environmental effects posed by the increased use of chemical fertilizer is expected to hinder the market growth to some extent. The stringent regulation of government hampers the target market growth.

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The key operators of global fertilizer additives market are

  • Clariant AG,
  • Arkema S.A.,
  • Dorf Ketal,
  • Hubei Forbon Technology Co Lt,
  • Chemipol SA,
  • Fertibon Products Pvt Ltd,
  • Neelam Aqua & Speciality Chem (P) Ltd,
  • KAO Chemicals,
  • Novochem Group,
  • Solvay and Tolsa Group.

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