Words Will Be Very Important In Bolsonaro-Biden Relationship, Says US Ambassador – 21/01/2021 – Worldwide

US Ambassador to Brazil Todd Chapman said Thursday (21) that “words and mode of communication” will be “very important” in relations between the Jair Bolsonaro administration and the new US administration.

“Words and the mode of communication will be very important. We will all need to pay close attention to words, communications and work in a very disciplined manner to get to where we want to be, which is a productive relationship for both parties, based on the democratic values ​​and principles and the common interests that we have in the world ”, declared the diplomat, in videoconference with journalists.

Chapman’s speech follows a series of statements by Bolsonaro defending Donald Trump and echoing Republican – without evidence – theories that the US election was rigged. Chancellor Ernesto Araújo has also released posts showing sympathy for the pro-Trump protesters who invaded the US Congress on January 6, in speeches criticized by Brazilian diplomats and by interlocutors who have worked in the past in other democratic administrations.

When asked about the protests of Bolsonaro and Araújo, Chapman did not directly criticize or quote them. He stressed that he was working from the present and said the time had come to “create and continue to establish new channels of communication between the two administrations”.

“Yesterday was a new start, the start of an administration by the president [Joe] Biden. He was legally elected, supported by the majority of voters and under the system we have in the Electoral College. It’s the fact that you always have to stress, ”he said.

“It is important that we put our relationship [com o Brasil] in this scenario of reality, in the legality of our election. It was decided clearly, legally and democratically, in addition to having been approved by Congress and accompanied by our justice agencies, ”he added.

Chapman celebrated that Bolsonaro sent a letter to Biden on Wednesday (20) congratulating him on his inauguration and listing the Brazilian priorities in the bilateral relationship. The Brazilian was one of the last leaders to congratulate Biden, only posting a message on the day the Electoral College confirmed the outcome of the election celebrated more than a month earlier.

In the document, Bolsonaro rejected pro-Trump rhetoric and pointed to possible cooperation in the field of the environment, which should be one of Biden’s priorities.

Chapman argued that the new US mandate has already made it clear that sustainability will be one of the “pillars” of its agenda, mainly from the appointment of former White House candidate John Kerry as envoy. special for climate change.

He said the issue should also be addressed more strongly in conversations with Brazil.

Bolsonaro has been the target of criticism at home and abroad for attacks on environmental activists and for increasing deforestation in the Amazon and the wave of fires in the Pantanal.

Preservation in the Amazon has even entered the American campaign. In a debate with Trump, Biden defended the pressure against Brazil for biome protection, and Bolsonaro called the speech “regrettable.”

“New administration, new day. And new opportunities to clarify what is going on and communicate more and better, being quite frank and honest as we are with friendly countries,” said the ambassador.

Chapman cited the United States’ return to the Paris Agreement, announced by the new Democratic administration, and said it was important to work bilaterally to reach new agreements. “Last year we had good conversations, we signed agreements, that’s important. But I think President Biden and Secretary Kerry will want to see more opportunities to move forward in this dialogue and do concrete things. It’s already pretty obvious to everyone, including the Brazilian government. “

According to the ambassador, Bolsonaro alludes to this in the letter he sent to Biden. “We will give these conversations some time to begin and we hope to reach important agreements. Not only for Brazil and the United States, but also for the planet.”

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