With government threatened, Italian Prime Minister wins confidence vote in House and goes to Senate – 18/01/2021 – Worldwide

Immersed in a new political crisis aggravated by the differences in the confrontation of the coronavirus pandemic, the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, won a vote of confidence in the Chamber of Deputies on Monday (18) and won 24 hours of breathing. If he had lost, he would have been forced to resign. On Tuesday, … Read more

‘I would not go to Bolsonaro’, declares Portugal’s presidential candidate – 18/01/2021 – World

A runner-up in Portuguese presidency polls, former MEP Ana Gomes, 66, has said she will not be running for a possible new term for Jair Bolsonaro. A career diplomat with decades of experience in international negotiations, Ana Gomes gained notoriety in her country thanks to her active role in the negotiations for the independence of … Read more

Nikolai Antoshkin, who helped control Chernobyl disaster, dies at 78 – 1/18/2021 – Worldwide

General Nikolai T. Antoshkin, commander of a dangerous helicopter firefighting mission in which he and other pilots were exposed to radiation to contain the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, died on Sunday (17). He was 78 years old. The general died of a “difficult illness,” according to a statement from the Speaker of the Russian Parliament, in … Read more

FBI charges son of Brazilians involved in attack on US Congress – 1/18/2021 – Worldwide

As part of the investigations into hundreds of people who invaded and vandalized the United States Congress, Samuel Camargo, 26, has been indicted by the FBI (American Federal Police) for having been implicated in acts of insurgency initiated by Donald Trump. Son of Brazilians, Camargo was born in Boston, Massachusetts and now lives in Fort … Read more

Opponent Navalni risks 3.5 years in prison and calls for protest against Putin – 18/01/2021 – World

Opposition leader Alexei Navalni faces 3.5 years in prison after being detained on his return to Russia on Sunday, 150 days after leaving the country in a coma due to poisoning he attributes to Vladimir’s government Putin. Defiantly, he called for street protests against the Kremlin in a video posted to his YouTube channel before … Read more

Companies are too big to be in the hands of businessmen, says researcher – 1/18/2021 – Worldwide

Democracy was in a coma even before the election of Donald Trump, and power will once again be “for the people and for the people” only under new political structures, explains political scientist Hélène Landemore, professor at the University of Yale. She defends assemblies of non-politicians chosen by lot, such as the one that decided … Read more