Mônica Calazans rules the world by getting vaccinated “ from China ” – 17/01/2021 – Nelson de Sá

The South China Morning Post homepage opened a photo of a batch of vaccines at the Butantan Institute, but noting that “nurse Monica Calazans, 54, becomes the first person to be inoculated in the country, receiving an injection of Coronavac, from China “.

Other overseas vehicles, from the Wall Street Journal to the Argentinian Clarín (both below), have made headlines for the Calazans, with calls like “Brazil begins launching its Covid 19 vaccine” .

The nurse also posted in video agencies in France, Press Photo in Bloomberg, she notes: “The Sinovac vaccine, publicly attacked by Jair Bolsonaro ‘because of its origin’ in China, has become the only option for the country to start vaccinating its 212 million inhabitants ”.

The Chinese Times Global Times / Huanqiu tabloid announced even before the start in Brazil that the Sinovac, Sinopharm and Cansino vaccines “are gaining international recognition”, listing more than 20 countries already in use – the Indonesian and Turkish presidents the first local doses of Coronavac.


The Global Times criticizes Western coverage for questioning Chinese vaccines and, at the same time, for failing to report Pfizer / Biontech vaccine-related deaths in Europe.

In a Bloomberg headline on Saturday (16), “Covid vaccine deaths increase among older people in Norway”, totaling 29, from age 75. According to the Norwegian health agency, “all deaths are linked to this vaccine”.

Australia, which has also bought from Pfizer, “is looking for urgent information.”


In an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press program, Anthony Fauci, the leading authority on the pandemic in the United States, said:

“Nobody wants people to panic, but … people need to know that there is more than one mutant strain. There is one from the UK, already predominantly dominated, and there is another more sinister in South Africa and Brazil. “

On Friday, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, called the Brazilian variant “worrying”.

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