Bolsonaro and Doria bet crazy race for vaccine – 01/16/2021 – Marcelo Leite

Manaus cannot breathe. On Sunday (17), while dying Manauaras are suffocating, the military-dominated National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) plans to run a late due diligence display by broadcasting a TV meeting to approve two vaccines for Covid-19.

On Friday evening (14) one couldn’t rule out, even if Jair Bolsonaro’s government show was postponed. One of the vaccines on the agenda, the “Oxford” one, would rush from India to Minister Eduardo Pazuello to have something against the vaccine “from China” already held by the Governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB) but the cockroach didn’t work.

Chancellor Ernesto Araújo even called his Indian colleague and asked for 2 million cans to be released, but found the Itamaraty donkey in the water. Without the guarantee, an Azul plane – a company owned by Bolsonarian and Trumpist David Neeleman – was still stationed in Recife, which was already surrounded by government propaganda that always despised vaccines.

Pazuello now wants all the cans from the Butantane Institute. The Paulistas replied that they need to know how many cans are being sent to the state in order to be delivered directly to their logistics center. They don’t want to take off their hats from Bolsonaro’s gang.

Show after show, Doria also founded her own. He boasted at the press conference on the 7th of announcing “78% to 100% effectiveness” of Coronavac, an advertising cut to the data, and sparked unnecessary controversy over a good immunizer.

Just five days later, at a new butantane press conference – at which the governor was absent – the correct number of effectivenesses appeared: 50.4%.

Bad? No, because Coronavac would avoid more than 3/4 of hospital stays and has security and logistics advantages. Disappointing? Only in appearance, created by Doria’s ambition and a manipulation of information so as not to lag behind the 70% advertised for the AstraZeneca / Oxford product (as it was also questioned).

It is an unacceptable embellishment in scientific studies called the cherry picking. The butantane slip is more difficult to understand than the Doric farce when one embarks on the toucan’s pierced canoe; At least the institute recovered with the second presentation to the press, which was much more transparent.

The balance of Doria’s fate was to give ammunition to the trapped Bolsonarists, the President, and the descendants. Not only have they re-exposed the São Paulo vaccine, which they are now seeking to confiscate, but they have also used the opportunity to promote and pressure the alleged and unjustifiable “early treatment”.

Bolsonaro, acting as a poisonous smoke screen to hide the vaccination delay, claims that Brazil would be better off in the world panorama of the pandemic thanks to this quackery that weighs on the SUS. It is claimed that the country has fewer deaths relative to its population than other nations.

In fact, so far, with 98 deaths per 100,000 population, we have fared better than, say, the UK (129/100 thousand) and the US (115/100 thousand). As a palmeirense, however, the president shouldn’t compare himself to the lanterns on the table, but to the leaders.

How about your adored Israel? 41/100 thousand. Germany? At 9.5 / 100 thousand the laundry this time is 10: 1. And considering China, which is occasionally found by the Bolsonaro gang, it better not even count: 0.3 / 100 thousand.
There is one key difference, however: all of these countries have already started vaccination. Meanwhile, Bolsonaro has turned his back on Doria in the mad race for the vaccine and cannot even guarantee the arrival of oxygen in Manaus.

Impeachment is little for so much barbarism, cowardice and indecency.

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