Brazilian suspicious of customer, calls police, saves child from abuse in Orlando – 15/01/2021 – Worldwide

“You need help?” It was with this sentence, written on a sheet of paper, that Brazilian Flaviane Carvalho helped save an 11-year-old child tortured by her stepfather in the United States. The case took place on January 1 in the city of Orlando, Florida, but was not released until Thursday by local police (14). The … Read more

Biden plans Covid vaccination blitz, but supplies are scarce – 1/15/2021 – World

US President-elect Joe Biden, facing the rise in coronavirus cases and the emergence of a new variant that could dramatically worsen the country’s public health crisis, plans a vaccination blitz that calls for a broad broadening access while emphasizing equality in distribution – including inmates in prison. But his plan comes up against a stark … Read more

Biography details the trajectory of Hamilton, a young Caribbean man who helped found the United States – 1/15/2021 – World

Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s so-called “founding fathers”, has returned to the limelight in recent years with a Broadway musical that tells its story to the sound of rap and hip-hop . This musical, created in 2015, is inspired by the biography of the American writer Ron Chernow, now published in Brazil by the publisher … Read more

Pelosi Chooses General Who Coordinated Hurricane Katrina Response To Review Land Security Plan

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Friday (15) that retired Lieutenant-General Russel HonorĂ©, who coordinated the response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, will conduct a review of the "security infrastructure" from Capitol Hill at the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, scheduled in five days. Find out more (01/15/2021 – 5:13 pm)

National Liberation Army: the most enduring guerrillas in Latin America – 15/01/2021 – World

The National Liberation Army (ELN) carried out its first public action on January 7, 1965, when a small municipality in the department of Santander called Simacota was taken over by a small group of guerrillas who proclaimed their revolutionary ideology inspired by the Cuban revolution. Some of them were part of the small contingent of … Read more