No Vaccine Against Stupidity – 12/12/2020 – Reinaldo José Lopes

It is understandable that part of the population is somewhat lost in terms of potential risks of vaccines against Covid-19. Our educational needs are enormous, especially with regard to the public understanding of science.

However, there is no justification why parliamentarians or, worse, doctors are spreading misinformation on this issue. Anyone who uses their political power and / or their professional prestige to do so is 1) very stupid, 2) very crazy, 3) very villainous or 4) all of the above. In all honesty, I don’t know which is worse. But explain again why they are wrong.

The main source of conspiracy theories for the time being were RNA vaccines, which include those made by the Pfizer and Moderna companies. Another goal is immunizations with viruses modified to carry the genetic material that corresponds to a protein on the surface of Sars-CoV-2 that causes Covid-19.

Since the MP who bombarded the public with silliness on the subject doesn’t even seem to know how to spell the acronym RNA, let’s get back to basics. RNA is a molecule that is very similar to DNA, but made up of a simple ribbon and not a twisted molecular ladder like its most famous “cousin”.

Its existence in the organism is usually short-lived, as one of its main tasks is to load the information in the DNA into the protein production machines of the cells so that they can do their work. The idea is that, with the help of vaccines against Covid-19, the cell produces the virus protein from the RNA strand that contains its “recipe”. We therefore have a foreign molecule that is quickly recognized by the body and triggers a defense reaction.

Thus, the body is prepared for counterattacks when it comes into contact with the real virus. The principle of vaccines using modified viruses is similar – what changes is that the so-called viral vector is responsible for bringing RNA out of Sars-CoV-2.

Someone got it into their head that this process could alter human DNA. However, it turns out that the process is usually one-sided: DNA serves as a template for RNA, which in turn is used to make the protein. The reverse route – for example from RNA to DNA – requires extremely specific conditions.

So-called retroviruses like HIV normally do this with the cells of their hosts. HIV uses copiers and molecular “scissors” that are specifically designed to pass its RNA to a version of DNA and deliver that genetic material in the middle of human DNA (this is one of the reasons it is so difficult to make it permanent to defeat).

Do Covid-19 RNA Vaccines Have Those Molecular Copiers and Scissors? Do not.

Do vaccines with modified viruses carry this type of system? Do not.

Were these approaches developed overnight, as conspiracy theorists suggest? No – they are the result of decades of research, including on humans. What is changing is that they are now using genetic material from Sars-CoV-2.

Then why don’t these people shut up? I have no idea, but the fact that doctors are helping to spread such antics and uphold the “early treatment” farce against Covid-19 (spoilers: it doesn’t work) speaks seriously against the training of these professionals in Brazil. You are not entitled to such ignorance. We are a family business.

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