New species of snails are an evolutionary experiment on the island of Paraná – Darwin e Deus

The events of the past few days have been happening for a month in January at such an indecent pace that it is necessary to slow down – and nothing better than a new species of snail for that, right?

I present to the friendly reader the friendly Drymaeus currais, which Carlos Eduardo Belz from the UFPR (Federal University Paraná) discovered together with other scientists on the Currais Islands off the coast of Paraná. The beetle is terrestrial, but it’s stuck in an island setting, likely due to an evolutionary experiment during the Ice Age: at that time the sea level was much lower than it is today and the islands were part of the continent.

As the sea rose, small D. corrals became isolated and likely developed their unique properties over millennia. And of course the particular situation also makes it particularly prone to natural or man-made disturbances.


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