Jupiter and Saturn are seldom aligned in the sky; see pictures – 12/22/2020 – Science

A rare phenomenon can be seen in the sky until Saturday (26). The connection of the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn results in a person on Earth seeing the two planets very close together, even though the actual distance between the two stars is millions of kilometers.

On Monday evening (21) it was practically impossible to distinguish the planets with the appearance of a star with the naked eye, which can be seen as a single point of light. The phenomenon occurs on average every 20 years, but according to the National Observatory, it cannot always be observed. The next time the conjunction will be visible on earth is in 2080.

The proximity between the planets is even rarer this year: the last time Jupiter and Saturn were seen this close together was in 1623.

Professional and amateur astronomers are mobilizing this week to observe the phenomenon. According to the National Observatory, the conjunction can be seen a few minutes after the star disappears from the horizon in the same region of sunset.

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