Analysis of Potential Impact of COVID-19 on Refrigerated Coffee Creamer Market

Market Outlook

Refrigerated coffee creamer is a dairy free product developed from plant-based milk or vegetable oils to enhance the taste of coffee for especially lactose intolerant consumers.  The constant rise in number of patients with milk allergies is likely to be the driving factor for the refrigerated coffee creamer market. The consumer base for refrigerated coffee creamer products is increasing as consumers are looking forward to dairy alternatives or plant-based milk products. Lactose-intolerant consumers can use these non-dairy creamers in their beverages as well as other food products.

  • Over the globe, approximately more than 60% of human population has a reduced ability to digest food containing lactose and hence are manufacturers are forced to develop milk alternatives such as plant based milk products with the same taste and appearance as of traditional milk.

Millennial remains the majority of the consumers for the refrigerated coffee creamer as they show more concern towards animal welfare. The ongoing better for you, clean label trend with increased consumption of vegan, or flexitarian diets is emerging as a global trend, bolstering the growth of refrigerated coffee creamer market over the forecast period.

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Coffee Culture Expanding in Traditional Tea Markets

The Asia Pacific region is considered as on the most traditionally tea-drinking markets but now are shifting towards coffee and adopting the coffee culture. There is an increase in demand of instant coffee mixes that provide gourmet coffee taste and appearance among the consumers of APAC and Southeast Asian regions.  Thus the manufacturers in these region are more focused on providing best coffee taste and luxury out-of-the-home experience in their mixes. This rising demand is increasing the demand for refrigerated coffee creamer in the Asia Pacific region.


Increasing Consciousness about Health and Wellness among Consumers to Fuel Shift to Healthy Diets

The rapidly rising number of consumers turning to healthy eating with significant change in dietary and eating patterns has been noticed. This remains a propelling factor for the growth of refrigerated coffee creamer market as it is a dairy alternative. Dairy alternative products are in high demand as they are plant-based rich in nutrients with low or no added additives helps consumers in maintaining body weight, blood pressure levels and helps in preventing multiple diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular malfunction and others.

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