F5 – Nerdices – Outside of TV, Fla-Flu tops the list of the most popular content on YouTube Brazil

Sao Paulo

The match between Flamengo and Fluminense in the final of the Rio de Janeiro Championship on July 15, in which the Rubro-Negro team received the 36th national championship title, tops the ranking of videos on YouTube in 2020. According to the platform, the list takes into account dates from January 1 to November 15 and excludes video clips (directed by Marília Mendonça), trailers and children’s videos.

The game was also the subject of an off-field dispute over broadcast rights. It was shown exclusively by FluTV, the team’s official YouTube channel, and at that point broke the record for concurrent views on the platform (3.6 million).

The confusion the game put off television began with Provisional Measure 984 released on June 18 by the Jair Bolsonaro government (without party). She further stated that the right to show the game or to negotiate its broadcast belongs to the club that ordered the confrontation and not to the two parties involved, as the Pelé Law previously provided.

As Flamengo was the only team in the tournament that had not signed a contract with Globo, they soon used the MP and showed their games as headmasters on their own platform. After the club did this for the first time in the game against Boavista on July 1, the broadcaster unilaterally terminated the contract with the other teams and Ferj, which was valid until 2024, and gave up broadcasting the championship.

With this game, FlaTV, the club’s official channel on YouTube, took second place in the ranking of videos that were on the rise during the year. At that time, 2.2 million people were watching the game on the platform at the same time.

Only in third place is a video by humorist Whindersson Nunes (25), the first on the list not to be part of the world of sports. This is followed by a live of the influencer Felipe Neto (32), who plays Minecraft.

YouTube also announced which Brazilian channels had the most subscribers. The list of top creators excludes channels from artists, brands, media companies, and kids’ content.

The leaderboard is led by Nobru, one of the most famous “Free Fire” players. There are also names like Felipe Neto and Whindersson Nunes (see full ranking below).

Another interesting list is that of Breakout Creators, the channels that have seen significant growth and triple size during the year. The singer Simone Mendes from the duo Simone and Simaria takes second place in this ranking, only behind the broadcaster Loud Thurzin, another streamer of “Free Fire” who is part of the Bombadíssima team Loud.

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