F5 – Nerdices – Maurício de Sousa launches the book Turma da Mônica on financial education

Sao Paulo

Maurício de Sousa Produções is going to start a financial education child labor called “How To Take Care of Your Money”. The aim is to start readers of the Turma da Mônica comic book stories in the financial world in a playful and simplified way. “It is indeed a children’s book for children,” says Thiago Nigro, 30, partner of the company’s famous cartoonist.

The influencer is known for the popularity of his YouTube channel “O Primo Rico”, which has around four million followers. Nigro is also a book author and speaker, and has participated in a podcast and web series on financial education. “Talking about money for kids is very tricky. It’s a very cool process because they have a lot of expertise to work like this. It’s a long project,” he said.

In the story written and drawn by Mauricio de Sousa (85), Nigro returns as a child and has the task of teaching Mônica, Cebolinha, Magali, Cascão and the entire class to use money carefully and plan. “May all parents have these books to help with education, since I had no financial education, my parents had none, my grandparents. Nobody does! So I want us to start changing this on the grassroots,” explained the advisor.

The book will be officially released on November 16, but is already available for purchase as advance sales of the work have already started.

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