F5 – Nerdices – ‘Fifa 21’ gets personalized uniforms and pays homage to 50 years of ‘Chaves’

Sao Paulo

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the “Chaves” series, the virtual soccer game “Fifa 21” decided to promote a tribute.

Starting this Wednesday (9th), players can collect memorial items such as shields or uniforms that were inspired by the Chaves and Kiko gang. The game is valid until Sunday (13).

Rewards can be earned in three challenges in Ultimate Team mode. Actor Roberto Gómez Bolãnos, Performer of Chaves, a series that aired in 1971, died on November 28, 2014 at the age of 85.

In July 2020, SBT announced that it would no longer show the series “Chaves”, “Chapolin” and “Chespirito”. According to a statement by the broadcaster, Mexican Televisa, owner of the rights to the works produced, sent a notice to Silvio Santos’ company informing them of the suspension of the contract “because of an open problem to be resolved with the rights owner of the stories is “. It was a total of 36 years in the station.

Multishow also did not broadcast “Chaves” and “Chapolin” on its program. The cable channel had already announced that it would not be able to extend the transmission rights with Televisa. The two broadcasters say they are trying to reverse the situation.

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