F5 – Nerdices – CBLoL 2020 Award: Tinowns from Pain Gaming wins prizes for ace and best player

Sao Paulo

The Tinowns by Pain Gaming were voted best LoL player “League of Legends” in 2020 in the fourth edition of the Riot Games sponsored award. The event announced that it will have a new face and new challenges in 2021.

“This trophy is for those who have always believed in me and for those who have not believed in me,” he said. The player didn’t win the Brazilian championship, his last years weren’t the best but he always had a good time for himself. “It shows that I am doing the right thing and that I can make a living from it,” he said.

But the night was a special moment for the athlete. He also won the Craque da Galera category. “Thanks to the fans. This award is yours. To have the recognition from the fans is something incredible and I wasn’t expecting it, ”he said, who took home three trophies in total.

“It was my best year playing individually, but we didn’t get any results in a group. Losing the final of the second split still hurts today. We had the potential to win, but we weren’t better. Still, I see development as a player and as a person, ”added Tinowns.

Another winner was Tutsz, Revelation Player of the Year. “I didn’t think I’d come here. It was extremely enjoyable, ”he said.

Maestro, the best coach of the season for the INTZ team, was watched on the event screen in real time by his grandmother, father, mother and sister. “I wanted to thank everyone who supported us. All commissions are to be congratulated. I don’t consider myself better than anyone else, but it’s natural for people to think so when the results hit. “

At one point in time, the issue of racism was the focus of the award. Cariok, who is black and won the Best Hunter category, talked about representativeness. “It’s important that blacks win by encouraging other blacks to try. I hope that more blacks will win titles and appear, ”said Cariok.


Craque da Galera
– Tinowns

Best player
– Tinowns

Revelation Player
– Tutsz

Best trainer
– conductor

Best game
– Dynquedo

Top best

Better support
– Redbert

Best sniper
– Bvoy

Best hunter
– Cariok

Best medium
– Tinowns

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