F5 – Nerdices – Alok prepares the musical presentation for the finals of the X2 championship of Free Fire Alok

Sao Paulo

The 29-year-old DJ Alok will be present in the finals of the first edition of the X2 Championship of Free Fire Alok, which takes place on Thursday (10pm) from 6pm. The competition is broadcast live and includes presentations by the DJ and his guests.

The X2 Alok has two fronts, mobile and emulators, and more than 30,000 pairs have been registered, i.e. 60,000 people, including professional and amateur players. Of these, 1,152 pairs were selected for the competition, which is now reaching the finals.

According to the organizers, the championship received almost 14 million views over the nine match days. That number should, however, increase in the finals that Alok and his guests will attend: Kawe, Kayblack and MC Marks.

The championship as well as the presentation will be live on the Alok Game Changer profile on BOOYAH! Transfer. The DJ also participated in the finals of the first edition of the Alok Championship, another Free Fire competition, but between teams, held in August.

The final of the X2 Alok will be played between Modestia and DeeadGod (both from Flamengo) and Kbecion and R7xy (both from Vivo Keyd) for first place in the Mobile category. Nobru (Corinthians) and Astro (pain) face Akzin (Ajax) and Vrauzin (pain) in the battle for third place.

In the Emulator category, the duo Lzinn (Loud) and Strong (BDL, Corinthians Base) are initially ahead of Two9 and Ghost9 (both from Los Grandes), the duo Gizao and Project (SS) against Since and Dantes (both from) pain), for the third.

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