Resignation of ministers plunges Italy into political crisis and threatens Prime Minister – 13/01/2021 – Worldwide

The resignation, this Wednesday 13, of two ministers of the cabinet of the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, plunged a country in a political crisis vis-a-vis a third wave of pandemic infections which has already made more than 80,000 deaths. Former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, leader of the Italia Viva party, announced the departure of … Read more

Olympic champion charged with 3 crimes during invasion of US Congress – 13/01/2021 – Sport

Klete Keller, a swimmer who won gold medals at the 2004 Athens Olympics and 2008 Beijing Olympics, was charged Wednesday with three federal crimes (13), including obstruction by authorities and disorderly conduct, at following its invasion of the United States Congress headquarters during last week’s violent protests in Washington. Keller, 38, was identified after appearing … Read more

Google lawsuit triggers debate about modernizing antitrust laws – 10/21/2020 – Tec

Two weeks ago, the US House of Representatives completed a 16-month investigation into Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook, calling for major changes to limit the market power of these companies. Legislative verdict: Traditional antitrust laws are not up to the challenge, and the code is facing its biggest revision in more than 40 years. After … Read more

In Brazil, the last president to refuse to attend the inauguration of his successor was Figueiredo – 01/08/2021 – World

The decision of United States President Donald Trump not to attend the inauguration ceremony of his successor, Democrat Joe Biden, represents a violation of protocol in American democratic tradition, but finds support in the wing curator of Brazilian politics. In Brazilian history, the most recent example of a director general who refused to attend the … Read more

F5 – Nerdices – Alok prepares the musical presentation for the finals of the X2 championship of Free Fire Alok

Sao Paulo The 29-year-old DJ Alok will be present in the finals of the first edition of the X2 Championship of Free Fire Alok, which takes place on Thursday (10pm) from 6pm. The competition is broadcast live and includes presentations by the DJ and his guests. The X2 Alok has two fronts, mobile and emulators, … Read more

A US offensive against Google could be an opportunity for Microsoft to grow with Bing – 10/21/2020 – Tec

The US government’s antitrust lawsuit against Google could be a great opportunity for Microsoft to ramp up its Bing search engine use years after a protracted legal protection campaign was abandoned. From 2007 to 2015, Microsoft campaigned for lawsuits, funded lawsuits, ordered research and academic papers, and even posted television commercials to get regulators to … Read more

Business leaders doomed to back Trump after riots – 08/01/2021 – Marketplace

Big American corporations have agreed to a Faustian deal with President Donald Trump. When he said something inflammatory or flirted with authoritarianism, the most thoughtful CEOs made vague but judgmental statements and tried to distance themselves from a president who favors business and coveted their approval. But when Trump cut taxes, revoked hefty regulations, or … Read more