Senate violates Trump’s veto on security bill amid legislative coup

Written by Katie Edmondson

The Senate voted on Friday to overturn President Donald Trump’s veto every year Military Policy Bill Most Republicans have allied with Democrats in condemning Trump in the dying days of his presidency.

The 81-13 vote was first violated by lawmakers at Trump Videos. This reflected the great popularity of a change that recognized a salary increase for the country’s military.

The referendum ended a devastating legislative week for Trump, effectively rejecting the last two demands of his presidency. Republican Senate leaders announced Wednesday that a referendum on increasing incentive checks from the current $ 600 to $ 2,000 was “not a realistic way,” forcing Trump lawmakers to act.

Republicans are also divided over support for the president’s decision to make a final push to overturn the 2020 congressional election results next week.

Sen, who is usually the chairman of the armed forces committee, a strong ally of the president. James M. Inhoff went to the Senate on Friday to encourage his colleagues to violate Trump’s veto, saying passage of the bill “gets the most important lawmakers to vote.” “

“Especially this year, in light of all the setbacks and problems we have encountered,” said Inhof.

The main obstacle Inhoff refers to is the president. After a month-long string of threats, the president vetoed bipartisan legislation last week, citing an amended list of reasons and opposing a rule ordering the military to remove the names of federal leaders from the places. He also asked for the repeal of what is known as Section 230, the legal shield for social media companies he is involved in. Republicans and Democrats viewed the repeal as a significant legislative change unrelated to a bill imposing military policy.

The law aims to slow down or prevent Trump from deliberately withdrawing US troops from Germany and Afghanistan, and will make it harder for the president to send troops to the southern border.

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