Deposits and certificates hold more than 188 billion

2020 was a year of crisis, but for many Portuguese families it was also a year to spare. Bank deposits and savings and treasury certificates reached maximum values. In total, families have more than 188 billion euros held in banks, deposits or state certificates. In the case of bank deposits, the Portuguese reserved more than … Read more

The 10 best safari parks to visit in Africa

8. Nokorongoro Gorge, Tanzania Nagorongoro Crater formed during the eruption of a giant volcano two or three million years ago, forming 2,000 feet deep and covering 64,000 acres. The Nokorongoro gorge is home to an exceptional fauna; It is estimated that over 25,000 large animals live here (I am not including birds, insects or reptiles … Read more

Banking sector moves forward with new lawsuit against Isabel dos Santos-linked company – ECO

Make your contribution We need you, dear reader, and we never need you as much as today to fulfill our mission. Visit us. May you read our news, share and comment, suggest, criticize where appropriate. Contribute and join the ECO community. Your contribution makes a difference. Choose your contribution Upgrade to Premium An economic and … Read more

The Caspian Sea shrinks to a third

According to new forecasts, the fall in the level of the Caspian Sea in the 21st century will be twice as large as estimates based on previous climate models. This means lowering the water table to 18 meters. Rising surface temperatures will increase evaporation from land and lakes in the 21st century. These changes help … Read more

Azerbaijani soldier killed, another killed in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

“The attack killed an ordinary member of the Azerbaijani armed forces, Kambarov Elmir Rilas, and injured Aliyev Emin Solomon,” the statement said. The ministry said the attack was carried out by six gunmen on Sunday afternoon. “Six members of the Armenian armed forces have been removed from their posts,” the defense ministry said. The authorities … Read more

The cryptocurrency reached $ 27,000

Not so long ago, Bitcoin cryptocurrency hit an all-time high, slightly exceeding $ 20,000. The digital currency remains strong and recently reached 27 thousand dollars (22 thousand euros), a new record for its quotation. Will this new record be broken again in 2020? May be. Bitcoin has appreciated 9.75% in the past 24 hours This … Read more

AstraZeneca claims to have ‘winning formula’ of Covid-19 vaccine

British pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca said it had found, after new research, “the winning formula” for the covid-19 vaccine, developed in partnership with the University of Oxford, on which the British regulatory agency will comment in the coming days. . “We believe we have found the winning formula and how to achieve efficacy which, with two … Read more