The 3rd prison is not excluded

Health Minister Oliver Varan says the creation of a third prison cannot be ruled out if the epidemic situation “worsens”. “We never rule out taking the necessary steps to protect people. In an interview with “Journal à Dimanche”, the minister, in the context of the launch of the vaccination campaign in France, does not mean … Read more

The world’s biggest fortunes have grown by 880 million a day amid pandemic – ECO

Make your contribution We need you, dear reader, and we never need you as much as today to fulfill our mission. Visit us. May you read our news, share and comment, suggest, criticize where appropriate. Contribute and join the ECO community. Your contribution makes a difference. Choose your contribution Upgrade to Premium An economic and … Read more

Trump aid package veto: Biden fears “catastrophic consequences.”

The corona stimulus plan was approved by Congress with unanimous approval. However, US President Donald Trump has so far refused to implement it with his signature. Democrat Biden said on Saturday the Republican refusal to act was irresponsible and would have “dire consequences.” Without Trump’s signature, tens of millions of Americans would lose their unemployment … Read more

Someone is stealing Tesla cables. And not only

It’s a recent and strictly European fad: thieves have found a new business opportunity to ‘free’ cars from charging cables when they are connected to the network, despite security systems designed to prevent this from happening. produce. As soon as the vehicle is connected to the charging point, the cable must be fixed at both … Read more

In the Czech Republic, the number of races fell to 2,669 along with the number of victims. Vaccines are provided

12:09 – Hungary Vaccination against Govt-19 has started, with the first 9,750 doses entering the country. [celá zpráva] 11:11 – South Moravia About 220 cases of Govt-19 disease have been added to God’s offering, 30 more than the day before. In the PSE system, the region is always ready for the fifth phase. 10:49 AM … Read more

Gym and Pay TV are the first Portuguese cups

  They would be the first victims of reduced spending. The same behavioral study on the impact of the pandemic on the Portuguese population, developed in partnership with Amint and Multidados, shows that there are differences to consider depending on age. Younger people (20 to 39) choose to sacrifice the gym first, then pay TV … Read more