The 3rd prison is not excluded

Health Minister Oliver Varan says the creation of a third prison cannot be ruled out if the epidemic situation “worsens”.

“We never rule out taking the necessary steps to protect people. In an interview with “Journal à Dimanche”, the minister, in the context of the launch of the vaccination campaign in France, does not mean that we have decided, but that we are watching.

The viral cycle is even more important, “on average 15,000 contaminants were detected per day, while we have fallen to 11,000 …”, warns Mr. Veeran: “The objective of 5,000 (cases of contamination per day) past. The pressure on the health system is strong, 1,500 are hospitalized per day, which is very low in intensive care ”.

The situation is already worrying in the “Grand Domaine, Borgocne-Fran-o-Comt” and in the Alpes-Maritimes sector from Nice ”, he notes, with“ an increased incidence among the elderly in certain areas rural ”.

Many mayors in eastern France, including Reims, have been asking for days to “reorganize on a regional or national basis”.

“We will soon find out if family and party gatherings have an impact,” he said. Said the hero. After lifting an exceptional 24-hour curfew to allow the French to move, M. For the new year, he advises not to celebrate. “Overnight, we cannot risk blocking the country again for weeks.”

Vaccination will begin Sunday morning with around ten elderly people and a volunteer caregiver in the long-term care unit of René-Muert hospital in Chevron (Sean-Saint-Denis). The Champmailot aging center, affiliated with the Dijon University Hospital, will be the second launching point for this campaign.

“This vaccine protects 95% of people against serious cases and saves many lives”, recalled the minister.


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