France: a car enters a church after a mass: three people are injured

A car crashed into a church in Decis (Nivre) on Sunday at the end of the service. Three were knocked out, one in the square and two in the building, which we learned from Gendermary.

Two of the injured were slightly injured, but a third person was transferred to Mullins Hospital (Allier) with a suspected concussion.

The incident was caused by an 84-year-old driver who “messed up his car’s bike and accelerated instead of hitting the brakes”, which was added to Gendermary and confirmed in the daily “The Journal to Center” . First, emergency services depended on a terrorist attack.

“People said a car entered the church and the shooting took place.” In fact, it is the sound of chairs being crushed by a vehicle.

“Fortunately, only half the door was open. This forced the car to turn left and face a pillar, instead of going up the center aisle, ”said Gendermary. The driver was taken to the gender regiment, where he was questioned. The investigation is ongoing.

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