Man kills his ex-partner, judge in Rio de Janeiro

Judge Vivian Vieira do Amaral Aronenci, 45, has been charged with the murder of a woman at the hands of Paolo José Aronenci. Published by:EFE 10:30 am / 12/25/2020 Official sources confirmed, Friday, December 25, that a judge in a court in Rio de Janeiro was stabbed to death in front of her ex-husband and … Read more

Vital Moreira sees ‘illegalities’ in 5G regulation in paragraph requested opinion – ECO

Make your contribution We need you, dear reader, and we never need you as much as today to fulfill our mission. Visit us. May you read our news, share and comment, suggest, criticize where appropriate. Contribute and join the ECO community. Your contribution makes a difference. Choose your contribution Upgrade to Premium An economic and … Read more

Christmas: which countries do not celebrate and for what reasons? | December 24 and 25 | Happy Holidays | Saudi Arabia | Algeria | China | Iran | North Korea | Israel | Rewtley |

After Christmas hours, it is hard to imagine that in some countries of the world this holiday cannot be celebrated by the rules or by the religion they teach. Although it is one of the most globalized celebrations, there are some places where it is forbidden to place decorations on the street or at home. … Read more

The movement blames the minister for the “tax toll” to EDP in the sale of dams

In an open letter addressed to the Minister of Environment and Climate Action, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, the MCTM accuses the government of “unduly exempting EDP from the payment of 110 million euros in stamp duty”. MCTM spokesperson Paulo Meirinhos was outraged by this situation which he said will harm Terra de Miranda in particular, … Read more

Where is Santa Claus? This tracker shows your trip around the world

o The international spread of the corona virus will not stop the Santa Claus section. Bring gifts for everyone. o World Health Organization (WHO) He had already declared himself immunocompromised and vaccinated by renowned epidemiologist Anthony Fossi Casa Branca, who is celebrating his birthday today. As he travels with his nine reindeer around the world … Read more