Two magnitude 4.8 and 4.69 earthquakes rock Puerto Rico on Christmas Day

Two earthquakes, 4.8 and 4.69, were recorded in Puerto Rico this afternoon, about 47 minutes apart. Seismic network.

No tsunami warning has been issued.

The epicenter was reported at 12:46 p.m., with a magnitude of 4.8 on the Richter scale, 12.91 km south of Guanilla, near the epicenter. The depth of the earthquake, according to the Puerto Rico Seismic Network, was 2 kilometers.

The second earthquake, measuring 4.69 on the Richter scale, occurred at 1:33 p.m. and had a magnitude of about 2 km, mainly between Guanilla and Benuelas.

The two earthquakes have been more than 100 in total captured by the seismic network and the US Geological Survey since 1:00 a.m. Thursday.

“The series started at 10 p.m. Wednesday night, but today (Thursday) at 1 a.m., everything started to get complicated. We have had a restoration of the line that affects the southwestern part of Puerto Rico since December of last year. We have recorded over 100 events in the Yako-Benuelas region of the Guanilla Canyon ”, Dr. Vector Hurbano, Director of the Seismic Network.

Map of Puerto Rico showing a magnitude 4.8 earthquake on December 24, 2020.

“These scenes have this uniqueness and periods of relative peace, and then things like the ones we’re recording today happen. We had another activity in the Ponce area in June and July, as well as in May. The seismic network is constantly monitored and our advice to people is not to limit their safety. We know it’s Christmas, we have our business, we are in a contagious situation, but we ask you to prepare your contingency plans, not to reduce your safety, to remain calm and to act immediately. Seismic activity is expected to continue throughout the day, ”Orphan added.

The director of the seismic network added that he had no information on damage to the areas currently affected, but advised against using structures that have been damaged or damaged by previous earthquakes.

The maximum magnitude of the earthquake was recorded primarily as V at Yako. The second tremor had an intensity IV.

Good morning all. So far, thank goodness, according to some mayors in the south, everything is fine. God protect us and we will constantly monitor the events of the most recent earthquakes.

– Wanda Vazquez Corset (andwandavazquezg) December 24, 2020

Social media users reported feeling the earthquake in different parts of the island. In fact, the map of the seismic network shows that people have reported that the earthquake was felt almost across the island.

The epicenter was reported below the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, but no tsunami warning was issued.

Governor Wanda Vasquez Corsett posted on social networking site Twitter that she was in contact with “mayors from the south” and that “everything is fine.”

“We will continue to monitor the appearance of the most recent aftershocks,” Vasquez Corset wrote.

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