Competition fines six supermarkets and two beverage suppliers € 304 million

This is an unprecedented fine in the retail sector in Portugal. The Competition Authority (AdC) imposed fines amounting to 304 million euros on six supermarket chains, two beverage suppliers and two individual executives. The offenses of indirect concertation on consumer prices are at stake. The sentence handed down on Monday, referring to a note of … Read more

Lawyer for conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell found in White House

Sidney Powell, lawyer and conspiracy theorist, returned to the White House on Sunday evening. The President of the United States is said to have consistently lost elections in a plan to seize the ballot box from Donald Trump. Trump Refuses to Admit Despite Joe Biden’s defeat and Biden’s constituency victory, Democrats continue to make unsubstantiated … Read more

The electricity bill in Portugal is expected to drop by almost 10 euros to 61 per month

From March 16, everything changed. Including the modes of electricity consumption in Portugal, with stoppages in the productive fabric reducing activity by 25%, while housing increased by 14%, from March to June, due to the large number of people in telework, containment, telescope or covered by layoff programs. Thanks to an artificial intelligence algorithm “applied … Read more

Archaeologists still struggle to gather enough evidence before drawing definitive conclusions about the location of the temple of Jesus

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – When Jesus entered the ancient synagogue in Jerusalem, his feet found hewn stones and earth-colored tiles in a cold geometric design, touching the reservoir. This is the understanding of Israeli archaeologists and Freemasons, who designed historical monuments and texts and recreated the sacred ground so that it can be enjoyed today. “We … Read more

Fog tonight, rain at Christmas

The National Weather Service released a weather forecast for cloudy areas tonight, which will create visibility restrictions. Gluing points are also possible on roads in the region. The forecast is for a strong advance in the cold from Thursday to Friday with the possibility of heavy rain and strong winds. Recent: Monday: foggy areas before … Read more