Saturn-Jupiter will approach on December 21, a very important astronomical event

Ahmedabad. Sunday 13 December 2020

Saturn and Jupiter are the two largest planets in space. The effect of what is widely observed on astrology. Then, on the night of December 21, a great astronomical event is to be created. Then these two planets come together very closely. The distance between the two will be only 73.5 kilometers.

This rare phenomenon can be seen with the naked eye. On this day, Jupiter and Saturn can be seen at almost 0.1 degrees. Before that, the orbits of the two planets will appear to be approaching. According to astronomical experts, such an event occurs after 1,623 years.

Due to the great distance between the orbits of the two planets, the two will be seen together in the sky after a long interval. Now such an event will occur 60 years later, i.e. in 2080.

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