For the first time, a new species of whale caught the attention of scientists

Mexico, December 11, 2020, Friday

Man has so far explored the ocean to the abyss below. A new species of whale first caught the attention of scientists in Mexico, as many creatures were spotted during this time but have yet to be discovered. A new species of whale has been spotted in a herd near the inner island of San Benito. Previously, it had not been noticed when whales were explored and explored on various islands and coasts of Mexico.

Scientists are also wondering why this species has not been noticed so far when there has been so much research on whales in the world. A team of scientists took water samples from the area where the new whale was found. Whales will only be classified after DNA testing. If all the details and comparisons are correct, this will be the 8th species of whale. This was considered a new species of bleached whale by the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

To date, only whales have been found dead. After death, the remains of his body arrive on the shore. This newly found species is smaller than other whales. Whales are generally up to five meters long. The design of the mouth of this new whale is different. Its mouth looks more like a beak-shaped dolphin than a whale. Marine biologist Andrew Reed believes it was a rare whale hunt, but this species was found in a completely different way. It is the joy of discovery and research.

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