KSU reveres commuter students with week of events

KSU reveres commuter students with week of events

During the week of Nov. 11, Kennesaw State’s Adult and Commuter Student Affairs put together Commuter Student Appreciation Week on the Marietta campus to show their gratitude toward the community of students.

CSAW was directed by ACSA Coordinator Jasmine Jackson, who said that KSU’s Commuter Leadership Council helped fund the events.

“These events were successful because of the investment of the Commuter Leadership Council, or CLC, who plan and support events serving Marietta commuters,” Jackson said.

ACSA held CSAW as a way for commuter students to connect with one another, Jackson said. One of ACSA’s goals is for adult learners and commuter students to find peers to help through their time in college.

Jackson said ACSA works to hold monthly events to show their appreciation to adult learners and commuter students, and that a week full of events is held each November and March.

“Commuters make a special effort to provide their robust contributions to the KSU community,” Jackson said. “They are worthy of much support and celebration.”

During CSAW, KSU students were encouraged to participate in a variety of activities throughout the week, beginning with “Rollin’ Out CSAW” on Monday, Nov. 11.

At this event, KSU students received free refreshments and campus-licensed merchandise. Students were also able to participate in a karaoke session, according to the ACSA’s program website.

On Tuesday, ACSA partnered with KSU’s School of Conflict Management, Peacebuilding and Development and held the “What’s Your Conflict Style? Lunch and Learn” event, according to an ACSA flyer. At this event, members of the School of Conflict Management, Peacebuilding and Development helped students learn more about themselves through teaching them various conflict management methods.

ACSA staff provided “Grab and Go” breakfast to commuter students on Wednesday, while it held the “Zen Hour” event on Thursday, which allowed commuter students to learn more about meditation and stress relief, according to an ACSA flyer. Students received positive words of encouragement from ACSA staff members at the positivity booth during the Thursday event.

On Friday, commuter students held a live podcast to discuss their experiences living on and off-campus, according to an ACSA flyer.

ACSA is meant to be a support system for adult learners and commuter students, according to its mission statement. The department helps students by providing them with resources that can be used on campus and eventually in the workplace. Additionally, ACSA staff create opportunities for adult learners to connect with one another — CSAW is one of these options.

CSAW is one of many opportunities that the ACSA provides to KSU students. ACSA has said it will host more events during finals week on both the Kennesaw and Marietta campuses, according to the ACSA website.

During the week of Monday, Dec. 9, the ACSA will be hosting “Fuel for Finals,” where it will be providing food to students during the last few days of the Fall semester.

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