Meet the new Sentinel news editor

Meet the new Sentinel news editor

I started at Kennesaw State in the spring semester of 2018. My college journey up to that point had been a long and twisty one, but I did not want to start until I knew what I wanted — I landed on journalism.

Journalism is an increasingly needed component of the society we are living in. In the era of fake news and a President that attacks the free media that the foundations that our democracy leans on, the necessity of journalism could not be more dire.

For me, it has always been about people — the human stories that connect us.

Everybody has a story. It’s the joys, fears, excitements, struggles and anxieties of others that compel me, and my goal as news editor is to focus on that. What I want is to bring the news back to the student body and focus on the problems and stories that you are going through and that matter to you.

My goal for the Sentinel’s news section is to make it an institution. I seek to make a tribe that works together to sink its teeth as deep as we can get them into the heart of the KSU community. I want to be there for the community and with the community as a part of the journey here at KSU.

To join the news section, whether it is in sharing a personal story or writing about the stories of others, please reach out and feel free to fill out an application.

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