Grad lands dream job in South Korea

Grad lands dream job in South Korea

Teaching abroad means experiencing cultures and places some people only encounter in their dreams.

Kelsey Fulton graduated from Kennesaw State in December 2018 and is already on her way to fulfilling her lifelong dream.

In August, she will board a plane to South Korea where she has a job waiting for her as an English teacher in a public school.

“I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to chase my dreams and teach in Korea,” Fulton said.

At KSU, Fulton earned a bachelor’s degree in international affairs with a concentration in international service and diplomacy. She also obtained a minor in psychology. During her senior year, she became interested in teaching the English language as she heard the stories of others in the field.

As a “plan B,” Fulton decided to pursue a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate from KSU’s College of Continuing and Professional Education.

“I am more marketable now because I have diverse abilities that can help me in many different career paths,” Fulton said. “I love having the choice to pursue my career in either way. Since studying abroad in South Korea, I have felt a calling to be there. I would recommend this path to anyone who enjoys teaching, traveling or just being able to communicate cross-culturally.”

After teaching, Fulton hopes to find a position with the U.S. Embassy in South Korea. She plans to work to improve relations between various countries and the U.S.

“Communication between nations and people is the first step of diplomacy,” Fulton said.

A 2014 report by the Center for American Progress found that 45 percent of Koreans have limited English proficiency.

Currently, Fulton tutors children who have dyslexia and ADHD. As a tutor, she applies the same core teaching skills she will use in Korea, although she will have to engage her class and adapt her teaching methods to help young learners.

“Day to day, I create lesson plans that incorporate a lot of activities and fun,” Fulton said. “I try to find the best teaching methods that will reach all of my students and create individual lessons for each of my students, according to their needs and learning style.”

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