Foreign Language Day introduces students to global cultures

Foreign Language Day introduces students to global cultures

Learning a new language is not only about vocabulary. It means learning a new culture and learning a new way of thinking.

Kennesaw State’s Department of Foreign Languages hosted its annual Foreign Language Day celebrating 11 different languages and cultures in the University Rooms of the Student Center on Thursday, March 21.

Foreign Language Day is an annual event dedicated to spreading awareness about various opportunities provided by the DFL such as study abroad possibilities, post-graduation career possibilities, internship programs and teaching opportunities available to the student body.

By incorporating cultural elements and offering a variety of activities and open programs to join, each language was able to engage students with a personal experience.

Each language table had objects and food that served as general representations of the culture.

While the Korean and Chinese tables focused on artistic features such as calligraphy, the German and Spanish tables had snacks and games.

The Latin table featured an interactive game that emulated the crossing of the Rubicon River as Julius Caeser did, while the Japanese table had culture-based games such as the Kendama, a balance and reflex-testing game in which players try to catch a ball with a string-attached cup.

Each language also had singing and dance performances either by individuals or groups. Highlighting the performances was a choreographed K-pop dance that attracted visitors with loud music.

For all 11 language tables, large poster boards were set up and covered with visual images of each country.

Programs offered at Foreign Language Day were not limited to school-based organizations. One of the tables at the event was hosted by the International Student Association.

The student-run ISA is an open and dynamic organization that aims to “encourage intercultural, educational, social and global exchange among diverse students at KSU,” according to a pamphlet created by ISA.

ISA holds a number of events that help involve the growing international student community at KSU. It is located on the second floor of the student center at the Global Village.

“We make a home for international students and let them know that we support them in every way,” ISA member Ohm Prakash Rajan Magar said.

Felix Amaya - FLday18.jpg

The foreign language day gave students a chance to experience a variety of cultures through activities. Photo credit: Felix Amaya

One of the most popular ways that students actively involve themselves with a foreign language is through a study abroad program, which can also include internships.

“We have some internships that are related more to the nonprofits, social work, healthcare and immigrant services,” Assistant Chair of the DFL Neysa Figueroa said. “It’s a three to six hour credit hour course that can be applied toward the major and mother language of culture or as a minor.”

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