Opinion: Class rings are a waste of money

Opinion: Class rings are a waste of money

Purchasing a collegiate class ring for sentimental value is not worth the price. In the excitement of graduating and being finished with school, students may impulsively decide to purchase a ring without thinking of all the money that they will be wasting.

Companies such as Josten’s make annual trips to local schools to push the sale of class rings and other unnecessary paraphernalia into the minds of young, gullible students.

They wow them with the variant choices of high-karat golds, followed by an establishment of an emotional connection by providing them with the option to select the stone of their birth month. Sadly, several students make the mistake of blowing their money on an object that is only temporarily satisfying their desires.

“I did not purchase a class ring because I felt it wasn’t needed. I know it’s something I wouldn’t wear daily, and I’d probably wear it once or twice then forget about it,” said junior criminal justice major Bisma Hussein. “I think they do have relevance. They’re just a memory, in my opinion, but that’s why I have a yearbook. They’re not necessary for me, personally.”

Jostens’ rings for KSU start at $559 and reach up to $584 depending on the style. Once personalized, the prices increase even more. For some students, that’s around their monthly rent. According to Apartments.com, the average price for an off-campus one bedroom apartment in Kennesaw is $1015.

“No, I did not purchase a ring,” said Dakarai Ellis, a junior business management major. “I had the choice between my varsity jacket and the ring, so I chose my varsity jacket because it meant more to me than a class ring. The purchase of a ring is not necessary. They are kind of a waste of money.”

“Important? I have a high school class ring, so I do see the importance of it as a relic of the past life,” said junior communications major Alexis Poche.

For some students, especially commuters, buying a class ring is pointless. Poche expounds upon the importance of a class ring on a higher educational level, saying, “My college experience as a commuter isn’t as involved with on campus, so a class ring isn’t as important to me.”

Graduating students are constantly being pressured to buy this great stone that is intended to be the relic of several years’ worth of memories. Rather than waste money on class rings, students can document their college years through pictures and social media. Buying a class ring is a waste of money for students who are already on a budget.

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