KSU Moves app connects students, promotes campus involvement

KSU Moves app connects students, promotes campus involvement

A technology company recently launched a new interactive social app for Kennesaw State called “KSU Moves” that aims to help students stay connected.

ADNAP, a modern technology company that helps people develop their businesses, produced “KSU Moves” to help KSU students more easily find and share coupons, freebies and events happening on and off campus.

“Every student, regardless of their year, preferences or campus involvement is looking for the next move,” ADNAP coordinator Ama Annoh said. “Students now have the opportunity to know about social opportunities outside of their normal circle.”

Since the app’s initial launch, more than 3,000 KSU students have downloaded it Annoh said.

“After going to KSU for some years, we realized that we knew little to nothing about events that were sponsored by campus organizations,” Annoh said. “Most of the events that we heard about were through word of mouth.”

Featuring a spirited black and gold backdrop, the app is simple to navigate and divides events into multiple interest categories, such as athletics, academic, art, service, greek and social.

Campus organizations can post their upcoming events, share them with students and link them to social media.

“I love the fact that it gives you the option to set reminders and add the events to your calendar,” communication student Alexandra Osibodu said. “I think It is an excellent way for students to get more involved in the KSU community. I also really like how it features different categories so that I won’t have to do too much searching.”

Students are able to pull up a GPS map in the app to direct them to event locations and explore activities happening in any building.

A chat feature is also included and separated into general, networking, academics and food categories.

“KSU Moves” is free to download from the Apple app store and allows students to log in by connecting to their Twitter or Facebook profile.

ADNAP plans to expand and update “KSU Moves” based on the feedback they receive from students throughout the semester.

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