KSU Miracle raises $25,000 using social media

KSU Miracle raises $25,000 using social media

KSU Miracle, a student-run fundraising organization that donates its proceeds to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, has managed to raise more than $25,000 using a social media-related fundraiser.

In December, Juliana Piazza, a senior public relations major and fundraising chair of the organization, planned a “25 Days of Miracles” fundraising push. This fundraiser worked by encouraging participants on social media to claim a day, one through 25, and then donate a number of dollars with the corresponding value.

This push led to the massive fundraising total for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and Piazza alone raised $4,000 for the organization’s cause.

Piazza explained that many members have joined KSU Miracle because they know someone who has been treated at CHOA. Some members have even been treated at CHOA while others have no connection at all and just want to help.

For Piazza, being a part of KSU Miracle is about more than helping sick children — it’s also about honoring the memory of her cousin, Tim, who was a passionate member of a similar dance marathon program at Pennsylvania State University.

“I want nothing more than to make him proud and keep his memory alive,” Piazza said.

KSU Miracle’s goal this year is to raise $300,000. Last year’s goal was set at $150,000 and was exceeded with the final count at more than $200,000.

The number of funds raised for this year will be announced at the KSU Dance Marathon, a 12-hour event taking place on March 24 in the Betty Siegel Recreation Center.

Students can register for the Marathon by searching for KSU Miracle on dancemarathon.com. All attendees will be taught a dance routine, receive a free T-shirt and free food.

The entrance fee is $25, which is to be paid online and comes with a customizable profile page.

Piazza encourages attendees to share that profile on other social media sites to help promote the event and raise awareness about the cause.

KSU Miracle hosts multiple events to raise money each year. Students can get involved by joining online at ksumiracle.org, or by speaking to KSU Miracle members on The Green every Monday from 12-2 p.m.

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