A spring welcome from our new editors

Connor Zielke / Managing Editor


My name is Connor Zielke, and I am the new managing editor for The Sentinel. This will be my second semester working for The Sentinel, and I am ecstatic to have been given the opportunity to edit.

When I started as a writer in fall 2017, I thought I would just get a few stories published in a good publication. Writing for The Sentinel quickly became a passion, and I was eventually writing two to three stories a week.

That passion carried through to my current position, and I am super stoked to serve The Sentinel as managing editor for spring 2018.

I was originally born in Farmington Hills, Michigan, and moved down to Georgia when I was 14. I came to Kennesaw State after graduating from Etowah High School, and while I originally declared myself a biology major, I decided to switch to journalism and emerging media to sate my love for writing and communication.

Killian Grina / Photo Editor


My name is Killian Grina, and I’m the new photo editor for The Sentinel. I’m a senior and graduating in May with a bachelors degree in public relations.

Ever since I bought my first camera eight years ago, I’ve been fascinated with capturing still moments around the world and of other people’s lives. I began shooting photos for The Sentinel last year.

When I’m not at school or taking pictures, I’m listening to my favorite music, spending time with friends or binge-watching Netflix. I also enjoy traveling the world and going to live concerts of my favorite artists. After graduation, I am planning to move out West to pursue my career in the communication field.

I hope to bring quality and consistent photos to the students, faculty, staff and the Kennesaw community. I’m so excited to be representing The Sentinel and KSU as the new photo editor. Hooty Hoo!

Sabrina Kerns / News Editor


Hello, readers! My name is Sabrina Kerns, and I am a junior journalism and emerging media major. I have lived in Georgia since I was about 6 years old. I went to Acworth elementary when I was younger and then attended Barber Middle School. I eventually made my way into North Cobb High School where I fell in love with journalism while writing for the school’s online publication, The Chant.

I made my way to KSU right after high school, and after seeing an issue of The Sentinel for the first time, immediately decided I wanted to write for this publication. I have written for The Sentinel for more than a year, and I have loved every second of it. I am incredibly proud to say that I am the paper’s new news editor this semester.

I want The Sentinel to continue to be a platform for KSU faculty, staff and students to have their voices heard on campus, and I plan to make sure that you, our readers, are always aware of what is happening on our campus and in our community.

Elizabeth Nouryeh / Opinion Editor


I’m Elizabeth Nouryeh and the new opinion editor. I am a journalism and professional writing major at Kennesaw State. Since I was a child, I remember reading every book I picked up. I was that child who read at recess.

I wrote my first “short story” in elementary school featuring three ponies who escaped a dramatic barn fire (Black Beauty was one of my favorite movies). As a freshman at KSU, I began writing for the Odyssey Online and The Sentinel.

When I’m not writing or studying, you’ll find me in the mountains with my fiancé and dog or quoting Walt Whitman and Harry Potter. I write to tell stories and to give a voice to the voiceless. I’m ecstatic to be the new opinion editor and look forward to amplifying our student body voice this semester. Happy reading, Owls!

Marquis Holmes / Arts and Living Editor


Hello all! My name is Marquis Holmes, and I am a senior journalism and emerging media major. I’m originally from Newark, New Jersey, but have resided in Georgia for some time now.

I’ve been involved in Army ROTC, the Georgia College Press Association, the Society of Professional Journalists and the Six Mile Post — a Georgia Highlands College publication — before writing for The Sentinel.

During my seemingly long undergraduate venture, I’ve always wanted to add the title of “newspaper editor” to my resume, and I’m fortunate to say that my dream is now a reality!

I have two goals:

One is to continue to develop writers, as well as myself, in the art of news reporting and writing. The second is to continue to create a voice of artistic expression for students and show Kennesaw State just what its fellow members can and have done!

Rio White / Sports Editor


My name is Rio White, and I am the new sports editor at The Sentinel. I am currently a sophomore journalism major in my fourth semester at Kennesaw State. I have been writing for The Sentinel since my first semester and have been able to cover the football, basketball, tennis and softball teams.

If you’ve ever had a class with me, I’ve most likely subjected you to some lame jokes, and I apologize on my own behalf.

I graduated from Cherokee High School in Canton, and I was a member of the marching and concert bands as a trombonist. When I’m not hitting the books at KSU, I’m probably working at the wonderful world of Arby’s, listening to jazz/indie rock, or watching some rubbish on the television. I am passionate about writing, and I hope that all of you can find your passion and thrive.

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