The unpredictability of life and live streams at Adult Swim

The unpredictability of life and live streams at Adult Swim

For Kennesaw native Sally Skinner, every day at Adult Swim is a brand new lesson in unpredictability.

From 2015-2017, Adult Swim went from producing zero live steams to hosting several, and the process is always in constant flux, according to Skinner.

“Stupid Morning Bullshit,” a live stream that Skinner both created and co-stars in, manages to provide high-quality content alongside the audience interaction expected from live streams.

With a peak viewership of 2,800, SMB stands as one of Adult Swim’s most popular live streams. SMB starts each day at 11 a.m. and fills content hours before Adult Swim programming begins at 8 p.m.

The live stream is a conversational, opinion-based talk show hosted by Skinner and her co-host, Jonothon Mitchell. Skinner and Mitchell cover a wide range of topics from both serious to lighthearted, and the show features the same charm Adult Swim programs are known for.

According to Skinner, the show is not meant to be an actual source of news. While the current political climate demands attention periodically, the focus of SMB is to deliver an authentic take on topical issues.

Before Atlanta became the hub for film and television production, Skinner was looking in every direction for a job in the industry.

After almost getting hired at Cartoon Network, her application was forwarded to Adult Swim, and she was offered a job. Skinner considers her employment with Adult Swim to be a major stroke of luck, but she also recognizes the importance of committing to a passion in life.

“Fortune favors the bold,” Skinner said. “Don’t be afraid to go out and do things.”

After getting her degree in telecommunications from the University of Georgia in 2011, she worked at Adult Swim in assistant roles before becoming an associate producer. Skinner also produces “As Seen on Adult Swim,” a pseudo-infomercial program showcasing Adult Swim merchandise.

In her time at Adult Swim, Skinner has been able to meet celebrities, visit conventions and get a ton of free Adult Swim merchandise. According to Skinner, being remembered by people and forming connections is the easiest way to find new opportunities.

In the highly volatile landscape of live streaming, challenges can arise on multiple fronts. If viewers feel disengaged, bored or disinterested, a live stream can easily fail. While Skinner notes that live streaming can be daunting, she also considers live streaming to be an essential form of production at Adult Swim.

Currently, live streams are the bulk of content produced by Adult Swim before regular program hours begin in the evening. In the future, Skinner hopes that she will have the opportunity to continue working on SMB and produce other live streams.

If SMB sounds like the place to be at 11 a.m., check it out at alongside the plethora of other live streams produced by Adult Swim. SMB can also be found on Twitter under the handle @stupidmorningbs.

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