School of Music to host benefit concert for hurricane victims

School of Music to host 
benefit concert for hurricane victims

The Kennesaw State School of Music will host a charity benefit concert for victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria on Nov. 10 at 8 p.m. at the Transfiguration Church in Marietta.

The charity event is the brainchild of Caleb Stack, a senior choral music education major, who felt that the student community could use some positivity and unity after he heard of a similar benefit style that occurred in Texas soon after Harvey hit.

“So often as a student I feel like I live for me and my education, which is great, but I saw an opportunity for the students in the Kennesaw School of Music to come together to participate and do something for the good of all,” Stack said.

KSU students set up a majority of the event as well as the marketing, location, advertising and merchandise. All of the performances taking place at the concert will be put on by students and volunteers from the school of music, including the KSU men’s ensemble and chamber chorus under the direction of Dr. Leslie Blackwell.

Stack hopes that the concert will not only help those affected by the hurricanes but also wants those who participate and donate to have “a feeling of positive accomplishment and a sense of unity among the community at KSU as well as the community at large.”

He went on to say that the School of Music tends to live in its own bubble from the local community and KSU itself.

“I want this to be an event that we can all be proud of, and something that reminds every student of the good they can accomplish through music,” Stack said. “Music has the power to transform lives and accomplish so much good.”

All proceeds from the concert will go to Giving Children Hope, “a community-driven nonprofit that equips front-line partners with resources to serve vulnerable children and families… provide sustainable hope through wellness programs and disaster response in collaboration with local and global communities.”

Tickets are $10 and can be bought on the Giving Children Hope website or at the door. Merchandise can be bought online, and the proceeds will also go to the charity.

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