Opinion: Skeptics should give online dating a chance

Opinion: Skeptics should give online dating a chance

While online dating does have its flaws, I highly recommend that everyone tries it out.

Online dating is convenient because of a variety of simple-to-use apps available to help anyone meet potential partners with common interests.

First of all, people can talk, flirt and “date” anywhere. They can swipe their “Mr. or Ms. Right” while sitting on the toilet — nobody will know. If that isn’t convenient, I don’t know what is. I know it isn’t the most romantic way for people to tell potential children how they met, but hey, they probably wouldn’t have met otherwise.

These apps also allow people to match up with other people who have similar interests, which narrows down the large selection pool.

An important aspect of online dating is to know what one is looking for and to be honest. This approach makes the entire process very straightforward, helping to avoid the awkward moment in talking to someone who is interested in other things.

Lately, I have seen a lot of posts online about how dating is dying and everybody just wants casual relationships. According to the Daily Mail, this change in attitude is the result of “online dating.”

Tinder, for example, has a reputation for being more casual. But, it’s still a good way to meet people and simple to use with the “swipe right or left” feature.

Another app called Bumble puts the power in the woman’s hands, so she can initiate the conversation and decide who she wants to talk to. Most apps also have options for same-sex couples. They are becoming more inclusive, and some apps are made specifically for same-sex couples.

If people do their research before just jumping onto an app, they’re more likely to know what to expect and how to react appropriately.

It’s time to be realistic. In this day and age, it is hard to find someone that wants to date traditionally. If people are really willing to look for love, they might as well put themselves out there and at least give it a try.

Still, people need to be careful with how they meet up with others, for safety reasons.

As long as they’re cautious, don’t let people into their homes and they tell friends where they’re going and what they’re doing, then who knows? They might have a great time and meet someone special.

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