Local music spotlight: Qurriculum Global

Local music spotlight: Qurriculum Global

By unifying Kennesaw State artists under one label, the people behind Qurriculum Global are bringing education to the forefront of entertainment.

In order to appeal to a mainstream audience, popular artists typically adopt a persona of sex appeal and edgy behavior. Emmanual Juin, senior sociology major and owner of Qurriculum Global, wants to change the current music landscape and make being intelligent the new sexy.

“I am in the process of inciting a paradigm shift in music and entertainment,” Juin said. “I wanna wear education as a badge.”

The music produced under the label is made entirely by college students that hope to bring a creative edge and fresh perspective to various genres of music, such as hip-hop, Caribbean and alternative rock.

Currently, Qurriculum Global has four signed artists and all but one attend KSU. Championing diversity and intelligence, Juin works with artists to produce content that speaks about life experiences, meaningful concepts and culture. By representing the less than glamorous life of a college senior in an entertaining and sophisticated way, Juin hopes to be both admirable and relatable to audiences.

Qurriculum Global is also not just a label for musicians, according to Juin, but rather for any KSU student pursuing a career in the arts.

“We like to represent Kennesaw State as much as we can,” Juin said. “One of our goals is to put Kennesaw on the map.”

According to Juin, the main goal for the label is to make it a recognized name that graduate students can be proud to be accepted into. Despite having achieved their short-term goals recently in 2017, the future for Qurriculum Global as a label hinges on the demand for the niche.

Part of the issue of trying to establish a label that goes against the current trend in music is not convincing only an audience to support the content being produced, but also trying to get major brands onboard with the idea. Regardless of the daunting challenge, Juin is confident that Qurriculum Global can make a difference.

“We all have groundbreaking aspirations to incorporate education and entertainment,” Juin said. “We want to enlighten while entertaining.”

The label has technically been around since 2006, according to its Facebook page, but has only been actively creating music as of late.

The idea for Qurriculum Global, according to Juin, came to him as a result of an art class he took at KSU, where he found a new appreciation for visual art. The label was then structured with the idea of exposing the public to art that they could appreciate and respect.

Check out Qurriculum Global on Instagram under the handle @qurriculumglobal for updates on new music releases. The new single “Peace and Prosperity” by Greg B. Scot comes out Oct. 12.

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