Opinion: Quirky national days offer break from routine

Opinion: Quirky national days offer break from routine

The celebration of offbeat national days is a great chance to break away from our routine lives and have a little fun.

We have so many national days that help fill our calendars and give us unique opportunities to celebrate. Some examples of these include National Scavenger Hunt Day, which falls on May 24, and National No Interruptions Day, coming up on Dec. 31.

According to officeholidays.com, the federal government recognizes 11 federal national holidays in all 50 states. These are easily recognizable by most Americans and include, but aren’t limited to, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.

These federal, national holidays are beautiful things, but I also feel that we recognize at least a few of the hundreds of national days listed on nationaldaycalendar.com. In doing so, we can break away from our mundane routines, even if just for a day.

For example, National Taco Day is Thursday, Oct. 4 and I, for one, am so excited to eat some soft tacos. I believe that when people participate in these daily celebrations, like Make Up Your Own Holiday Day on March 26, they can explore new and exotic activities or places, take a load of stress off their backs and replace it with a fun and exciting time.

However, I do recognize that these random national days can be annoying to some and seem like an unnecessary addition to the calendar. They are often overlooked due to the lack of necessary participation, so it can be bothersome when they’re displayed on Facebook or the front page of Google. Sometimes we just want to get on with our days and not worry about when National Bologna Day falls.

It’s understandable why some people do not wish to participate or are maybe flat-out opposed to the continuation of these celebrations, especially when their days are already filled with due dates and group projects. However, they can provide a little getaway from the day-to-day routine we often find ourselves in.

I encourage everyone to seek out a wacky or special national day that they find interest in, whether it’s National Fast Food Day on Nov. 16 or National Make a Friend Day on Feb. 11. They can allow your days to be a little more exciting than they might have been before and may even give you the motivation to try something new and interesting.

Cameron Meier is a junior English major at Kennesaw State University.

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