Interview process for police chief begins

Interview process for police chief begins

University officials say 30 people have applied for the position of campus police chief — a position vacated by the resignation of former Chief Roger Stearns.

The search committee — led by Chief Legal Affairs Officer Jeff Milsteen — will be meeting in the coming weeks to review and evaluate the candidates before continuing the interviewing process. The next step will be to conduct phone interviews before scheduling on-campus interviews with the best candidates.

University spokeswoman Tammy DeMel offered a description of the type of candidate that the committee is searching for.

“The ideal candidate will have significant college or university law enforcement experience and understands the unique demands of providing a safe and secure campus environment,” DeMel said.

Stearns resigned in August amid an investigation related to his leadership abilities. The Department of Public Safety is currently headed by Acting Chief of Police Edward Stephens.

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