Book Review: Alumna’s eBook encourages compassion

Book Review: Alumna’s eBook encourages compassion

Kennesaw State alumna Tobhiyah Emiohe recently published an eBook on compassion.

The 24-page book entitled “Compassion: In an Era of Tolerance and Political Polarization” discusses the difference between compassion, empathy, and sympathy, contrasts the concept of tolerance with that of compassion and explains the need for compassion in our culture and politics.

Emiohe describes herself as “a self-published writer, a cultural observer and a powerful public speaker.”

Her most recent self-published book is on Amazon and costs only $2.99.

The book — though well-researched and seemingly academic — has a more conversational tone and is very easy to read and understand. Emiohe explains her thought process in a clear and concise way while discussing different aspects of compassion and how it plays a role or is sometimes lacking, in our society.

While there are some small grammatical errors, questionable word choices and oddly structured sentences, they don’t necessarily take away from the heart of Emiohe’s message.

Grammatical errors can be difficult to look past, but her message is clear enough that you don’t lose too much of the main points in the confusing structure. Though the self-published author could use an editor or just further proofreading, the book is still readable and easy to understand.

This is not Emiohe’s first published work, as she has several short eBooks discussing different issues in politics and culture. However, her other books are not published on Amazon.

Though “Compassion: In an Era of Tolerance and Political Polarization” only has three reviews written on Amazon, they are all positive, five-star reviews.

One user refers to the eBook as “a compelling case for the need for compassion and understanding,” while another states that it “challenges our very [biased] way of thinking.”

Though the book could use further editing and proof-reading, the topic is extremely relevant today and could be helpful for those on both sides of the political spectrum.

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