DOT to phase out the name “B.O.B.”

DOT to phase out the name “B.O.B.”

Kennesaw State’s Department of Parking and Transportation plans to eliminate the name “B.O.B.” from its Big Owl Buses over the next year in hopes of giving the transit system a larger presence both on campus and online.

The department added two new 35-passenger buses to its fleet at the beginning of the fall 2017 semester, but these new buses do not feature the iconic “B.O.B.” acronym. Instead, the department has opted for a design that spells out the full name: “Big Owl Bus.”

“While many of us will always affectionately call the shuttle system the B.O.B. for short, the new look and name help us further improve the campus transit system’s reach in several important ways,” said Aaron Fowler, director of parking and transportation.

Fowler anticipates that the change in design will make it easier for incoming freshmen and new faculty members to identify the school’s transit system, as well as improve the Big Owl Bus’ online presence. The department uses the Big Owl Bus name on all of its social media accounts, so the change may aid students who see the new design in finding the transit system online more easily.

“Whether it’s a simple web search about the Big Owl Bus or a tweet using #BigOwlBus, we are improving how the university interacts with our shuttle system,” Fowler said.

In addition to phasing out the design on the buses over the next year, the Department of Parking and Transportation will also phase in new bus stop signage with improved route information.

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