Innovative cooking demos inspire healthy eating habits

Innovative cooking demos inspire healthy eating habits

Health Promotions and Wellness offers a hands-on cooking experience taught by registered dietitians.

Located in the Student Recreation and Activity Center on the Kennesaw campus, Health Promotion and Wellness inspires healthy lifestyles with its innovative cooking demonstrations.

The creative culinary minds behind their savvy recipes are registered dietitians Barbara Oldham and Bethany Wheeler, who promote healthy, affordable lifestyles with a variety of nutritious meals and flavors to boost culinary confidence in the kitchen.

There are five cooking demonstrations scheduled for the fall semester that will begin with Knot Your Average Alfredo” on Sept. 11.

“I’m confident in the kitchen but never understood how to make a balanced meal,” said Andrew Connard, senior journalism major and health communications intern for Health Promotion and Wellness.These cooking demonstrations provide easy and affordable recipes designed for college students.”

The planning for each cooking demonstration involves several hours of creating recipes, practicing cooking demonstrations and modifying meal plans. The idea behind each cooking demonstration is to help students become more confident with their cooking skills through easy recipes with low-cost ingredients and equipment.

The lesson plans of each cooking demonstration are taught with the objective that healthy cooking is not difficult. Basic culinary skills are provided during each cooking demonstration to encourage students to cook more creatively at home. Simple recipes promote a student’s confidence in the kitchen and expose them to an extensive variety of flavors, Wheeler said.

The cooking demonstrations influence students to eat well-balanced meals by providing them with a variety of inexpensive flavors and nutritional food combinations. The aroma of fresh vegetables and proteins are explored as students prepare the authentic recipes devised by Oldham and Wheeler.

“There are 12 students per demonstration so that everyone can have a hands-on experience,” Oldham said. “The main goal is to provide students with the cooking skills to make more nutritious meals at home.”

The cooking demos will continue throughout the semester with “Keep Calm & Curry On,” “Fall Fare,” “Ridin‘ Solo: Meals For One” and “Flavors of the World.”

Students who are interested in participating in the cooking demonstrations can register by calling 470-578-6394. The semester calendar of events and services offered by Health Promotion and Wellness can be found at their website.

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