Hundreds gather to watch eclipse darken campus

Hundreds gather to watch eclipse darken campus

Crowds of students gathered on both Kennesaw State campuses to watch a once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse on Aug. 21.

The Department of Physics hosted official viewings, complete with solar glasses for risk-free observation of the eclipse. The resulting line to get glasses wrapped all the way around The Green. They also provided students with solar telescopes and other eclipse-related displays in an effort to make the most of the students’ viewing experience.

Students treated the celestial event as a true celebration, picnicking, tailgating, relaxing in hammocks and even dancing as the eclipse approached totality at 2:36 p.m.

With 97 percent of the sun covered by the moon, eclipse-watchers noticed not only dimmed lighting, but also a much-appreciated drop in temperature.

“It appeared as if it was already dusk even though it was only the early afternoon,” said Taylor Jones, a junior chemistry major.

Cheers accompanied the sun’s return to its usual brightness.

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