Club of the Week: Campus Cursive

Club of the Week: Campus Cursive

Campus Cursive is spreading anonymous love and support to Kennesaw State students by leaving anonymously written love letters in random places on the Kennesaw campus.

Campus Cursive functions as a college branch of the global organization “The World Needs More Love Letters.”

Hannah Brencher, the founder of “The World Needs More Love Letters,” created the affiliate program Campus Cursive as a way of allowing college students to bring more love and positivity to their campuses.

Campus Cursive works to “remind people that they are not alone in what they are going through,” said event coordinator Emily Dukes.

“We would take handfuls of the letters everyone had written and would leave them in bathrooms, stuffed into chairs, on tables in the student center,” Dukes said. “The idea was that if you found this letter, it was for you, whoever you may be.”


Junior Emily Dukes writes an anonymous letter as part of the Campus Cursive campaign. Photo credit: Cory Hancock

Campus Cursive was brought to KSU in January 2017 and is still struggling to establish a foothold. According to Dukes, the members of the club are still figuring out how to get its name out there and gain exposure.

Technical issues aside, Campus Cursive is wholly dedicated to fostering love and support in the KSU community. As the club grows, its members have their sights set on running events during finals week and other stressful times for students.

“We would love to do more events — some of our visions are setting up a tent or table during finals week with baskets of letters that have been written,” Dukes said. “Students could come and pick up a letter, and then they have something to read during the stress of finals.”

Campus Cursive encourages students with a love of writing to attend meetings and write letters. The more students that write, the more letters there are to give. According to Dukes, the act of writing the letters can be as cathartic as actually receiving one.

“It’s like I’m pouring my soul out into the letter, and even though I don’t know who is gonna pick up the letter, I am being heard and also telling someone else it’s gonna be okay,” Dukes said.

While the letters are the main outlet through which Campus Cursive spreads love and support, the group’s focus is not just on the letters, but on the community itself. The philosophy of Campus Cursive is to bring disconnected college students together.

“For me, walking into the room every time we would have a meeting, it wasn’t just about the letters,” Dukes said. “It was about being with the people – it was about making connections with the people who were there.”

Head over to Campus Cursive’s Owl Life page to follow or join them in their efforts to spread love and positivity throughout KSU.

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