Taco Mac voted ‘Best Bar’ by Kennesaw campus

Taco Mac voted ‘Best Bar’ by Kennesaw campus

Every year, The Sentinel asks hundreds of students from both campuses about their favorite places to eat, drink and hang out. The Sentinel’s “Best of KSU” issue encompasses students’ favorite aspects of KSU and the surrounding community. In 2017, Taco Mac was voted Best Bar by the Kennesaw campus students.

If you’re looking for a place to help you forget about exams and group projects, head over to Taco Mac. The beer is always cold, the wings are always hot, and the infectious cheers of hometown sports fans can be heard from outside.

Opening the doors to Taco Mac, your eyes automatically shift toward the flickering wall bordered by neon signs. It holds 100 beers on tap and even more bottled varieties displayed behind the bar. Once it’s sunken in that you’re in a Beer Utopia, your eyes will dart to the flat screens showing an overwhelming amount of various sports games.

Taco Mac is great for everyone, whether you’re 21 or not. The staff is personable, the environment is family-friendly and the menu will not disappoint. From flatbreads and burgers to their famous wings, this place will leave your stomach feeling satisfied — and your wallet won’t be hurting, either.

But when you are of drinking age, the real Taco Mac experience can begin. The Atlanta-based restaurant has an ever-changing beer selection. Customers can choose anything from pale ales to IPA’s to lagers, as well as darker, heartier stouts.

“The beer selection is a big seller for me, and the prices are cheap, too, so that helps,” said KSU senior Maria Mathews.

If the variety of beers isn’t enough to draw people in, Taco Mac rewards you for drinking. You can join what they call “Brewniversity.” For every new beer you try there, you receive a “Brewniversity” credit. The more credits you accumulate, the higher status you have in the loyalty program. You can earn a bachelor’s, Ph.D. or even become a Chancellor of “Brewniveristy.”

You can keep track of your credits with your own personal card. After 13 beers, you receive the gray pledge shirt, and from there you can move up the ranks and compare your status to others around you.

Around campus, many students will sing praises of Taco Mac. The variety of food and beer and the location played significant roles when it came to voting it the Best Bar in Kennesaw.

“It’s only five minutes away from campus, and you can’t beat that,” said KSU senior Natalie Rovetto.

Grab a bar stool and enjoy a cold one with friends or watch the game with your family — everyone is welcome at Taco Mac.

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