Rising alternative band hits Atlanta this April

Rising alternative band hits Atlanta this April

If you ask lead singer Kyle Morris to describe the sound of The Unlikely Candidates, he struggles to pin down an exact definition.

“It’s dark, colorful, rhythmically centered alt rock music, for the most part,” Morris said.

The up-and-coming band will bring that unique sound to Vinyl in Atlanta on April 7. They’re sure to play hits that have made alternative radio stations across the country, like “Your Love Could Start a War.” Morris’ voice weaves in and out of playful sounds, like string plucks and hand claps, and offers an alternative rock beat that’s meant for dancing. It’s a high-energy song that compels your foot to tap and your hips to sway.

The Unlikely Candidates’ most recent hit, “Ringer,” takes that energy and channels it into a different style. The tour actually hits Atlanta just after the premiere of the music video for “Ringer,” which combined clips submitted by fans and freelancers from 27 countries all over the world, a feat made possible by the global digital marketplace Fiverr.com.

“The ringer is someone who will do what they have to to make it their way, so I feel like the video connects to the spirit of it,” said Kyle Morris, the lead singer of The Unlikely Candidates.

“Your Love Could Start a War” and “Ringer” were both released as singles, but they have been included on the new “Bed of Liars” EP that dropped in February. Morris explained that the band’s music has evolved over the years.

“‘Bed of Liars’ is us finding our own sound,” Morris said. “The lyrics also shifted from trying to figure out existential questions to navigating introspections on the messiness of being human.”

The newer songs on this EP are a little darker, slowing the pace and hitting the beat with a deeper bass. Morris has a sting to his voice, giving the lyrics an edge and an attitude. Tracks like “Best Things in Life Aren’t Free” aren’t going to motivate you to start a dance party — you’re more likely to chill out with some headphones. These songs are an echo of the high-energy hits from earlier, but they still have the core elements of the band’s sound.

The lead singer called out fans in this area and said he is excited for the show at Vinyl.

“The fans in Atlanta are rad and pretty high-energy as well, so I am sure it’s going to be a memorable night,” Morris said. “It’s also an hour-long set, so we will be playing everything: old, new, and stuff you haven’t heard before.”

The show falls at the tail-end of spring break, and tickets are only $10. If you’re looking for a high-energy night with fun live music and a reasonable price tag, come see The Unlikely Candidates. Tickets are on the band’s website at www.theunlikelycandidates.com/#tour.

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